Pinta tu cuadro favorito en 3 horas y llévatelo a casa.

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What is Xpresarte


Imagine a small painting studio in the heart of Madrid where you can become an artist for a day. You will paint a picture of your favourite painter and also... you'll take it home!

It's a creative pastime in which you can enjoy an experience perhaps forgotten since your childhood: the magic of painting. Remember how rewarding it was for you when you were just a child? Three hours to have fun, relax, meet people and be surprised by the creativity inside you. You will be able to choose between a great variety of painters and styles among which you are sure to find your favourite. We have acrylic sessions, special illustration sessions, children's sessions and also our Illustrated Album Creation Course - a lot of art to enjoy and give away!

Xpresarte estudio pintura madrid

Remember ...


No previous experience

You won't need painting knowledge. Our art instructor will guide you step by step to paint your work while you learn secrets of the life of its author, as well as painting techniques.

Don't bring anything

You don't have to! We provide you with all the materials. Canvases, brushes, acrylics, aprons... and even a glass of wine, coffee or tea if you like. What you can bring is whoever you prefer, giving them a very special surprise.

Choose the picture and book

Take a look at our calendar of sessions. We offer you a variety of paintings and painters among which you are sure to find your favourite. Choose a day and paint!

Take your painting home!

Quiet! You're not going to get hurt. We assure you that you will come out with a work of art that you will be able to boast about hanging in your home or dedicating it to someone special. It is a perfect gift!

Customer's Testimonials

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Is it necessary to know how to paint? I'm not good at drawing...

Do I have to bring anything?

Nothing at all. We put everything: the material, our professional artist, something to drink, a pleasant atmosphere and the desire for you to enjoy with us.