Xpresarte tarjeta regalo

Because special occasions deserve... special gifts!

Don't go around the mall anymore! This time give an experience. Because it will always be remembered, because it is fun, because you can enjoy it alone but you can also do it as a couple or with friends.

You can buy a gift voucher for the number of people you want and you can personalize it with a special message. It can be an original gift for birthdays, anniversaries, a surprise or simply make a different plan as a couple.

Remember that each bonus comes without a specific date. Include a code that you can use to redeem for any of our scheduled sessions.



Is it necessary to know how to paint? I'm not good at drawing...

Do I have to bring anything?

Nada de nada. Nosotros lo ponemos todo: el material, nuestro artista profesional, algo de beber, un ambiente agradable y las ganas de que disfrutes con nosotros.